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Our Services

Panasonic Phone Systems

We are certified Panasonic dealers and will help find the right phone system for your company and needs. Whether it's upgrading to a Panasonic PBX, maintaining or upgrading your existing Panasonic PBX, or linking up remote locations or workers, we will have the answers for you.


Coastside Communications has the tools and experience to design and install a structured cabling system to support your network and telephony needs. We are fully licensed and insured, and can handle any size or type of cabling job, such as, Fiber Optics, CAT5/CAT5e, CAT6/CAT6a, Coax, Demarc extensions and Wi-Fi. We also offer Riser Management for building owners.

Overhead Paging

We are experienced in designing, installing and maintaining overhead paging systems, by Bogen, Valcom, Biamp and others.


We can help design and install your commercial sound and AV system in your offices.

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